Workshop on Embodied Cognition and Dance

Workshop on Embodied Cognition and Dance 2023 

Spatial Dynamics, Aesthetics, and Learning in Dance


Dates: October 20-22, 2023

With the advent of the 4E cognition research paradigm, cognitive science has seen a renewed interest in dance. However, much of the new cognitive science on dance does not interact with dance studies, the philosophy of dance, or aesthetics. This interdisciplinary conference brings together cognitive science, philosophy of dance, dance studies, and aesthetics to break down methodological boundaries and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration. The conference series supports diverse scholars speaking from multiple disciplines and includes traditional academic talks, movement workshops, and performances.

This year we will explore "Spatial Dynamics, Aesthetics, and Learning in Dance." We invite researchers and practitioners to investigate the relationship between learning through dance and physical space (natural, built, urban, rural, classroom, public, private, and more). How do the aesthetic features of dance and environment hinder or facilitate development and learning? Do some environments and their aesthetic features promote more effective learning through dance? What forms of knowledge and content are facilitated through the participatory aesthetics of vernacular dance? In what ways can dance function as a tool to explore the aesthetic features of environments? In short, the purpose is to explore the relationship between aesthetics, physical space, dancing, and learning.

This year the conference is sponsored by a grant from the American Society for Aesthetics.